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Art as Therapy

Perhaps you're down or anxious - maybe you're unsure about the future of a relationship, or just feel that you aren't living the life you were meant to lead. Whatever your needs may be, artworks have much to offer and teach us about ourselves and our lives. Besides artistic and historical value, they also have therapeutic effects and can bring much meaning into anyone's life.


Through lectures on the topic of the healing power of art, or art as therapy, as well as unique one-on-one individual and group sessions, we explore together the personal meaning one can get by engaging with art. Would you like to book individual or group sessions? Do not hesitate to get in touch!


Art as Therapy

The School of Life Amsterdam

In a unique one-on-one session, we will discuss a personal matter important to you, looking for new perspectives with the help of artworks. After we finish the session, you will also receive Alain de Botton's excellent book on the same topic, to help you dive deeper into the healing power of art. You can reserve your spot directly on The School of Life website by clicking here.

Art as Therapy Blog

Vermeer on Stillness and Contemplation

This article provides a new perspective on the work of the celebrated Dutch master Johannes Vermeer, ahead of the special exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Read the full article here.

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Art as Therapy

Lowlands 2022, The School of Life Amsterdam

Leaf Pattern Design
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